Deluxe Series Kickstarter Going on Now!


Deluxe Series Kickstarter Going on Now!

Our Kickstarter for Deluxe Animal Warriors of the Kingdom is going on now!

Fully funded and ending soon! Make your pledge now to get even more savings!

Check out the campaign here!

Here's what you get!

Each figure features 18 points of articulation as well as removable armor and weapon accessories! The figures are 1:18 scale figures but are closer to 5 inches tall, which is faithful to the comic book source material while remaining highly detailed and having great cross-play potential! 

Each figure includes:

  • Weapon accessories
  • Removable armor
  • Alternate head
  • Alternate limbs!

Add all that up and you can make a ton of unique characters!
(Check out the Kickstarter for more info)

Pledge more. Save more!

Higher tier pledges come with bigger savings.

One basic figure (from the first Kickstarter) = $22 +shipping
One deluxe figure (from the current Kickstarter) = $30 +shipping​

But... if you pledge at the ALL-IN tier you get
38 FIGURES at a price of
$13.50 per figure (shipping included)!

That's HUGE savings on some BIG figures!

By Jason Bienvenu